PET mouse and RAT for sale (Dallas)


I have to rehome my mouse and pet rat
I cant really explain how upset over it I am but I genuinely am unbelievably upset about it I love them like anyone loves a cat or dog

The mouse' is named Finn hes a bit fat because he refuses to run on his wheel and prefers to eat non stop, hes a larger sized mouse but he is very smart and very nice since I got him hes been super curious and will climb right onto your hand hes never bit or nipped or anything either
- He'll come with a 10 gallon tank and a tank topper along with a coconut hut that he loves to sleep ontop of or in PLEASE DONT DOWNGRAID HIS TANK mice need plenty of space to run and play and since he doesnt like his wheel this is the next best thing ( hes coming with a few hides too sorry I used to have more toys but a few days ago I had to throw them out since he peed on them too much bUT if I buy him more buy the time you get him I will give them for free)

Now, the Rat is named Mochi hes very small because I got him from someone who had him seperate in a bin cage but hes lOVLY HE LOVES TO PL AY and loves treats! Hes go crazy hopping around rooms and he loves playful ruffhousing! Please plEASE only take him if youre ready for a rat they need playtime, hes also never really been with other rats Ive been meaning to get him a companion but I was scared they might not get along and didnt want to have to rehome the new one but if you have more rats PLEASE see if you can take him too
He'll come with a nice large cage (i forget the name) but its made for rats and ferrets if you get him soon enough since I also have a freind who might take his cage and pop out the platforms to use for her birds

Finn has a bit of food left since I bought him a pellet seed mix and he still had some food blocks left Melon ball doesnt have too much food left although Ill probably buy more and give you that box aswell

They of course dont need to be going to the same home and if you need me too im good with educating you on how to care for them

-please remember male mice need to be alone finn has never attacked another mouse but an old mouse of mine had attaxled him once so he wont attack back but he will get injured by another mouse ( I tried this because they were litter mate and it didnt work out so definatly do not do this)

- price can be free to $20/$25 each this is with everything they have!- please text or email me!!! Please also share with rodent rescues or foster homes Im terrified of them being snale food or reptile in general food...theyre much too sweet and people freindly for that...

Thank you...:(
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